Re: Git commit message with tag

2010/8/12 Steve Frécinaux <nudrema gmail com>:
> On 08/12/2010 03:34 PM, Frederic Peters wrote:
>> Also we have been using [tags] since the Git migration, is this a new
>> feature/bug of 'git am' ?
> I guess people just didn't care, but it has been there from the beginning.
> The rationale is simple: when you send emails to a mailing-list, it
> sometimes get a ML identifier prepended inside brackets.

"git format-patch" generates ready to send emails with a mail header
which subjects starts with "[PATCH] short description". Now if you
apply that commit in the tree with "git am file.patch", words
prepended at the beginning will be removed when they are inside

PS: sorry, I'm not subscribed to desktop-devel-list


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