dconf 0.5

hi Everyone,

After a bit of post-GUADEC delay I am happy to announce dconf 0.5.  This
is the first release of dconf that doesn't completely suck (but it still
has a lot of suck).

There have really been a lot of changes this time around, but one is
really worth mentioning: I am experimenting with living a libtool-free
existence.  For this reason, it is quite expected that this release of
dconf may not be very portable.  If you have trouble getting dconf to
build on a non-GNU toolchain then please file bugs at:


You can grab the tarballs here:

The NEWS here is relative to dconf 0.4 (since I didn't write NEWS for
the point releases that came between).

Changes in dconf 0.5

 - Include a dconf-editor
 - drop libtool
 - allow compiling without gobject-introspection
 - autotools/build fixups
 - repair some broken use of tags
 - many updates for glib API changes
 - fix a crasher in the service
 - prefer 'automake-1.11' if it is in the path
 - add support for layering (ie: for system defaults)
 - add support for multiple writers in one service
 - add a shared memory status region to indicate if the gvdb is stale
     this prevents dconf from having to reopen the file each time
 - support keyfile-maintained system settings (via 'dconf update')
 - port client library and commandline tool to vala
 - client library no longer has unimplemented calls
   (except for write_many_async, due to bugs in valac)
 - gtk-doc is now complete for the client library
 - install our own vapi
 - support 'reset' in the GSettingsBackend


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