Re: Configuring GTK source code with Eclipse CDT

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 10:41 AM, Praveen Innamuri
<ajay praveen2002 gmail com> wrote:
> Hi All, I have been using GTK APIs close to an year and now, it grabs
> my interest for contributing to GTK code. I would like to start off
> working/playing with GTK code. In order to accomplish this, I would
> like to set up GTK code in Eclipse CDT. Do anyone out there had tried
> setting up GTK code with CDT ? If so, can you please give me a hint of
> setting it up ?

Isn't that just

* New C Project...
* Uncheck "Use Default Location"
* Point the "Location" to the root of your GTK sources (where
configure and the top-level Makefile resides)
* Choose Makefile-Project/Empty Project/Linux GCC Toolchain

I didn't try for GTK, but as far as i remember it worked that way for
some other projects.


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