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On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 9:37 AM, Benjamin Otte <otte gnome org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to move the work done on the gobject-performance branch to
> master now that 2.22.0 is out. It contains tremendous improvements for
> threaded applications and even noticably speeds up non-threaded
> performance. The patches on the branch have been developed, reviewed
> and tested by at least Alex Larsson, Edward Hevery and me, so it
> should be sufficiently reviewed.
> I'd have liked to get Tim to review it, but he seems to be quite busy
> now and IMO we threw enough eyes and CPU time at the issue to be sure
> there is no regressions. (From the tests we added, I'd even say it's
> more stable than master).
> I'd also like to get it merged while we're far away from the next
> release, so it gets enough testing, as these changes are quite deep
> down the stack and we want to find remaining issues with them before
> we release the next stable.
> So can we merge the branch or is there anything that we should take
> care of before?

Just have a small question on the subject: has anyone performed any
library or application benchmarks to see how much this means in the
real world and not just for the threaded microbenchmarks that you
wrote? The non-threaded speedups are pretty impressive on their own,
but it'd be nice to see what we could expect from e.g. GStreamer with
these changes applied.

-A. Walton.

> Benjamin
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