Re: Extended input device breakage


Sorry if this message does not thread properly, I just subscribed to the
list to avoid this issue in the future.

I'm an Inkscape developer and had noticed strange behavior in Ubuntu
Karmic when attempting to use my tablet. I can definitely confirm the
issues which result in the input coordinates being displaced on-canvas
if other widgets are to the top or left of the canvas (GIMP, Inkscape
and MyPaint). I've commented on the bug report referenced at:

I'll refrain from commenting more at the moment as there is enough info
in the Launchpad report linked in my last comment of 588649. If any gtk
devs that have a tablet of any brand/make with pressure support would
give it a spin, you should be able to reproduce and mark it as confirmed
in Bugzilla quite easily.


P.S. Yes, we've already started seeing bug reports against inkscape 0.47
prereleases for this in our tracker for people using the unreleased next
round of distros.

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