Static GTypeInfo and GInterfaceInfo

Hi all,

tutorials and GLib/GTK+ code often use unnecessary static variables for
GTypeInfo and GInterfaceInfo structs, so I run the following script:

sed -i -e \
's/static\s\+\(\(const\s\+\)\?\(GInterfaceInfo\|GTypeInfo\)\)/\1/g' \
`find . -regex '.*\.\([ch]\|xml\|sgml\)'`

on a fresh tree of the latest stable releases: glib-2.22.2 and
gtk-2.18.3 (patches attached). I'm succesfully using them since tuesday.

I noticed Christian Persch as yet updated a number of GObject based
projects but the main ones still suffer from it (or maybe there is only
something I'm not aware of).


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