Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2009-10-20

= minutes for the 2009-10-20 meeting =

1. schedule post 2.20 [bratsche]
 - aim for 3.0 after 2.20
 - list of things to deprecate, including signals and properties
 - figure out a diagnostic mode
 [discussion degenerates into pet features]
 - cross all items from the 3.0 readiness wiki page
ACTION: decide along with the GNOME 3.0 schedule

2. Git repository surgery [jjardon]
 - removal of the gtk-2.16 branch
 - rename of the gtk-2.90 branch to gtk-2-90
ACTION: desrt to operate

3. state of development branches for 2.20/2.90
 - see point 1, re: massive mess of suggestions
 - xi2 requires testing with complex applications before review
 - resolution independence requires a high-level story for configuration
   before reviewing the API changes and more testing with non-gtk
   applications using gtk API
 - extended layout should hopefully get a review
 - deprecation of [H|V] variants or orientable widgets still depends on
   overriding the default value for properties in sub-classes

4. GtkCurve, GtkNotebook tab packing, non-multihead-safe API deprecation
 - deprecation of GtkCurve is agreed
 - deprecation of packing property for GtkNotebook is agreed
 - maybe deprecation of GtkRuler?
 - non-multihead-safe API removal for 2.90 is still on the fence, given
   the changes in X land; remote use case might still apply

4. glib 2.90 branching
 - glib 2.24 minus deprecations equals 3.0?
 - general agreement (also at the Summit): not worth doing a 3.0
 - it really boils down to features getting traction

5. gobject-performance
ACTION: wait for alexl and try to get the work done before glib-next

6. miscellaneous
 - some stuff fell through the cracks
ACTION: next meeting in one week

next IRC meeting: 2009-10-27


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