GLib, GTK+ branched

I have just created a stable branch glib-2-22 for GLib.
Development on master will proceed towards 2.24, plans for that release include
- outstanding parts of the gobject-performance branch
- class private data
- TLS (SSL) and proxy support for GSocket
Some things need further discussion:
- GMarkup extensions (entities, namespaces, dom)
- GSettings
- GDbus

I have also created a stable branch gtk-2-18 for GTK+.
Development on master there will proceed towards 2.20. We aim for this
to be a short cycle, with 2.20 before the end of the year. Plans for
2.20 include:
- merge the filesystemmodel branch
- remaining missing gseal api. The goal here is to ensure that major
apps (gimp, epiphany, etc) can be built with gseal enabled
- widget additions: toolpalette, spinner
Some things need further discussion and may be pushed out to keep the
2.20 cycle short:
- extended layout
- xi2


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