Re: GTKTreeView navigation improvement

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 8:18 AM, Andrey M <admartch gmail com> wrote:
> Currently the keyboard navigation of GTKTreeView is a bit cumbersome,
> collapsing nodes is frustrating because the user has to either click
> on the collapse arrow or select the parent node and <Shift>+<Left> on
> it.

Are you aware that there is a key binding bound to "backspace" that is
in charge of selecting the parent node?

I don't fully see how your proposed behavior greatly enhances the
usability.  Other than that you can easily collapse the entire tree by
keeping shift+left pressed.  (But, we have another key binding just
for that).  In general I think that overloading key bindings with
multiple actions is bad; when the key bindings were being "designed"
by the usability team, I recall that avoiding overloading was

Who is in charge of GNOME usability/key bindings these days?  In the
past Calum Benson was involved in this If I remember correctly.



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