Links to help glib/gtk+ devels and contributors

Hello all,

I've created this page [1] with links to bugzilla gtk+/glib bugs.
Maybe It's useful for some gtk+/glib developers or contributors.

I think that It could improve the patch review process a bit:

* You have a quick look of the bugs targeted for the next gtk+/glib release
* People interested on one area (performance, quartz/win32 ports...)
have a direct link to their bugs.
* Official gtk+ devels could take a look at reviewed patches to accept
or reject them.
* New contributors could take a look at trivial bugs or documentation
bugs. Or need-work bugs to improve them.
* ...etc

I know that all this info can be gathered from bugzilla, but I'm lazy
and I prefer direct links ;)
Of course, feel free to improve it, but I warn you that the page
source is a bit messy ;)

Have fun,

Javier Jardón Cabezas

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