Re: Calling gtk code from two different threads

On Tue, 2009-11-10 at 11:13 +0000, Raja Mukherji wrote:
> I have a problem

No doubt.

But you're on the wrong list. Use gtk-list to ask questions about
developing *with* the library. This mailing list is for people hacking
*on* the library.¹

>  where I have to call gtk code, including two 
> gtk_main's, from two different threads and was wondering if there's any 
> way to do that _without_ calling gdk_thread_enter/gdk_thread_leave.



¹ So, in the Java bindings I inherited two lists, java-gnome-developer
and java-gnome-hackers. The former is for people writing apps using the
library, the later for people working on the bindings themselves. It's a
good split, except that we have the opposite problem to gtk-devel-list;
we constantly have people turn up on -developer asking -hacking
questions. {sigh}

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