Re: Calling gtk code from two different threads

Raja Mukherji wrote:
> I have a problem where I have to call gtk code, including two 
> gtk_main's, from two different threads and was wondering if there's any 
> way to do that _without_ calling gdk_thread_enter/gdk_thread_
> leave.

There is not, as GTK requires locking to access globals structures.  If
you're considering porting to Win32, to my knowledge, even the
enter/leave thing will not work right.  So really you should always have
the GUI in one thread and all calls to GTK in that thread.

> I'm thinking of splitting the debugger code into gtk and non-gtk code 
> with the gtk code running in a separate process and using pipes for 
> communication, but thought I'd ask if there was any way to avoid that.

This is a good idea.  Gives you freedom down the road too.

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