Re: GTK+ web site

excuse me if this wasn't intentional but I think your tone is
inappropriate here.

I didn't see anything wrong with my tone on my previous email! I don't understand why you saw it as hostile!

And you should also not try to play down
the license issue which prevented anyone else from taking the webpage

But I already said here that should gnomefiles ever go down again, the GTK and/or Gnome project will HAVE the whole thing. What more can I tell you other than that? I am not selling that code anymore, and I don't care who has it and who owns it. It's just that currently osnews has a license for it and they don't want the code available for fear of potential security holes. I am into video now instead of software/journalism, and most of my videos are Creative Commons -- I have nothing against sharing it under a very liberal license.

Stand by your mistakes instead of blaming others. If you took the
webpage down and announced it, you could just as well have announced
your return.

As I explained in my previous email, it's osnews who takes care of it now (OSNews' webmaster, Adam, has been working on it lately to fix a few things), not myself. That's why I didn't announce anything after that. It ain't really my responsibility anymore, but I know that should gnomefiles gets out of the picture again, I can get you guys the code+data (I am confident that the owner would support this -- the owner David, is an ex-Red Hat employee, well doctrined into open source). It's just that I still care about gnomefiles, but I am not really working on it anymore, that's why you didn't see another blog post of mine about it.

And if you are willing to share the source code freely,
please remove any misleading hints about license costs.

I updated the code/ownership bit here:

So, what about that link? :-)


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