Re: fsync in glib/gio

> Yeah, I'd totally agree.  But in the absence of an ability to change the  
> spec, it's best to try to make things work as well as they can within  
> the spec, no?  It seems like some people are advocating "well, today  
> everyone uses ext3, and there's no problem, so we shouldn't do this  
> because it'll reduce performance there."  And of course, a year from now  
> (or less!  obviously some already are), I'm sure most desktop distros  
> will be shipping with ext4 default.  (And I could be wrong, but it seems  
> to me that ext3 is the only FS that, by coincidence will usually be  
> immune to this problem, and, also coincidentally, is one of the only  
> FSes that has crappy fsync() performance.)

fsync() performance will always be crappy on notebooks. If disk is
spun down, fsync() will take 5 seconds or more...
(cesky, pictures)

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