Re: cross-compiling gobject-introspection

On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 2:14 PM, Christoph Spielmann <spielc gmail com> wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I'm one of the guys that want to bring Gentoo to the OpenMoko phone. I'm
> responsible for most of the gui-related stuff and lately almost all projects
> seem to move away from whatever they where using before (python, c,...) and
> start to use vala in conjunction with gobject-introspection. As vala is already
> working the thing missing is gobject-introspection. After a few days of
> trial-and-error i finally was able to create gir-files on the build-host. The
> problem is that the gir-files generated by the the scanner seem to miss some
> things and thus build fails later during the compilation of the typefiles.
> Here's the output why it failed:
> ** WARNING **: Entry 'GStaticMutex' not found

This is related to the glibconfig.h you have. Could it be parsing
the one on your host system where it's mean to be parsing the one
on the target system?

> As I'm out of ideas now, i wanted to know if anybody has an idea what's wrong or
> better yet: has anybody successfully cross-compiled gobject-introspection?

Not as far as I know. You'll likely to run into other problems further
on, compiling
typelibs needs to be done on the target CPU.
Johan Dahlin

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