Re: GtkEntry memory vtable (to use non-pageable memory for passwords)


On Sun, 2009-03-01 at 01:01 +0000, Stef wrote:

> This leads me to wonder if perhaps the password entry control in GTK+
> might fare better as a separate widget. There's an insane amount of "if
> (entry->visible)" in the code and alternate code paths for password entry.

I definitely think so. GtkEntry is getting more and more complex
recently and it seems like a bad idea to use such complex code for
sensitive stuff like a password entry. IMO it would make sense to create
a dedicated widget for this. Perhaps it is possible to share a common
base class, but we should try to keep all the complex stuff that is not
needed in a password entry out of it.

So perhaps as a start, try to make a list of the features that are
needed, or might be useful, in a password entry?


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