GTypeModule and threads


is GTypeModule supposed to be thread-safe? I'm currently working on an
application with a plugin interface based on GTypeModule. The
application itself runs several threads which create objects of the
types exported by the GTypeModule. 

Now, if I wait long enough and give the application enough to work on,
I always end up with the same result: the application crashes with the
following error:

GLib-GObject:ERROR:gtype.c:1135:type_data_ref_Wm: assertion failed:
(node->data->common.ref_count > 0)

I suppose this is a race condition where one thread unref's the last
instance of a type exported by the GTypeModule and another tries to
create a new instance at about the same time. Please correct me if I'm
wrong here.

Is this supposed to work or am I doing something entirely
unsupported? ;)

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