GTK on Macintosh OSX

As you all probably know, Richard Hult has withdrawn from working further on the osx/quartz implementation of gtk. You may not know that I have taken over the build, bundle, and menu integration part of that and consolidated it at

I'm concerned, though, about how committed the gtk development team is to completing and maintaining the internal parts. There are some serious holes (pasting and drag-and-drop don't work, just as a particularly egregious example). Richard told me that he hoped that some of his former Immendio colleagues would step up, but I don't see that that's happening.

Beyond that, there is a deeper problem: Mac users expect their applications to be easily relocatable (the preferred method for installing software is a self-contained application bundle which can be dragged to and launched from any folder); many, perhaps even most, of the libraries in the GTK/Gnome universe use hard-coded paths which are established at build time. I realize that this is a bigger problem than just GTK, but it needs to be addressed if GTK is to be a cross- platform framework competitive with Qt and WxWidgets. Perhaps if there is a better forum to discuss it someone here will point me at it.

John Ralls

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