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> Other overhead i see is the open dir/file funtions, where in windows
> we need do the utf8 to utf16 everytime in windows. If JAVA,.NET and Qt
> use utf16 by default why in gnome world we use utf8 by default?.

I guess that:
1. Because utf-8 is currently the main coding for unicode I guess (see
xml & co.)
2. Because the most strings in latin alphabet will be nearly 2x smaller
then in utf-16 (on average in my mother language AFAIR utf-8 is bigger
by a few % then iso-8859-2 - utf-16 would by 100% bigger)
3. I guess that utf-8 is a standard on main Gnome platform -
GNU/Linux. While I met in many places generating xx_XX.UTF-8 locales
I've never encountered utf-16.
4. utf-16 is not fixed size so this is not an advantage over utf-8
(utf-32 is).

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