Re: About the Glib porting for My custom os

glib was also support for win32 api, it's done by G_OS_WIN32 directive.
btw, do you provide free license for your OS?, if so.. how to take look for it?

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Subject: Re: About the Glib porting for My custom os
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Ehm, wow, you created your own OS? Compared to that, porting glib to
it should be a piece of cake.

To get started, I would just disable all files, and get them compiling
one by one, and when you get a compilation problem, either implement
the required function, or change the code to work using your own
libraries. The functionality of most unix functions should be very
well documented.

As for POSIX, yes glib uses posix quite a lot.

And if you make changes to glib, you will have to provide the code
(under LGPL as well) to all people that use it. It doesn't have to be
in the glib repository per se, but anybody that gets your code should
at least have the option to redistribute it, which of course includes
it being put in the glib repository.

2008/12/10 Susmith M R (RBEI/ECM1) <Susmith MR in bosch com>:
> Hai All,
>   I am trying to port Glib for my custom operating system. Is it completely
> portable?
> Is Glib implemented using POSIX or what?. Do I have to create a posix
> subsystem for my os to work with Glib?
> My operating system is not based on any of the supported os available for
> Glib. So what should I do to port Glib?.
> I have my own custom libc,libstdc++,Filesystem io,process,threads etc
> implementation. Please Help me.
> And if I do change the source code of this Glib, what will be the after
> effects of the source code that I have developed?
> Whether my code has to be released to Glib repo?
> Lot of questions are there… Please help me.
> Best regards,
>     Susmith M R
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