GtkAction and GIcon


wow, this is actually my first post to this list, after working with
GTK+ for more than three years. 
I'm currently porting Thunar (the Xfce file manager) to GIO/GVfs.
Thunar has its own data structures for MIME handlers at the moment but
for obvious reasons I'd like to make it use GAppInfo from now on.

Thunar provides a list of applications that can handle all selected
files in the context menu under "Open Width". In fact, "Open Width" is
just a submenu containing GtkActions for all of these applications.
Besides the application name each action also displays the application
icon using the "icon-name" property of GtkAction. Here's where I am

The only icon information GAppInfo provides is a GIcon. GIcon has
no icon name. There are functions to create images based on a GIcon,
but GtkAction only has support for stock IDs and icon names (so no
pixbufs or whatsoever).

I found an old thread about that on
It seems that part of what Matthias suggested was implemented, but the
last part ("Beyond the icon theme code, we have a number of APIs based
on icon names in GTK+ ... GtkAction::icon-name ... At least a few of
these should probably get a gicon counterpart") wasn't.

So, I basically have two questions:

1. How do you create GtkActions with icons based on GIcon?

2. Are there any plans on adding GIcon counterparts for
   icon-name-based APIs as suggested by Matthias?

Thanks in advance,

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