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> (not quite the right list for this kind of question, but...)

Is there a GDK list somewhere that I missed, or otherwise a better list
for my question?  This was the closest thing I could find to something

> why do you think you need to poke into selection owners to use the
> system tray ? GTK+ applications just create a GtkStatusIcon and, if
> they need to know if a tray is there, listen for notify::embedded.

I need to work with selections for far more than the system tray.
Also, I am only using GDK, not GTK.  If I can't use GDK, then I will
have to use Xlib directly, but I'd prefer to avoid that, of course.
GDK's API is much more friendly and compartmentalized compared to

What I am doing is re-working AllTray.  The program's UI (which will be
in a dynamically loadable module) will eventually be GTK+ or Qt, but
the core program itself will use GDK or Xlib for managing things;
tagging windows with a property so that they can be easily found, for
example, and managing other things.  In the long run, my goal is to
greatly enhance the robustness and utility of AllTray, adding support
for session management for subordinate processes and the like.
However, this requires access to the resources that they create.

Also, I don't want to have to re-implement many of the things that GDK
has already implemented for me, such as consideration for ICCCM and

There seem to be those that are of the mindset "If you can use Xlib for
a problem, why not just use GDK?" which is what led me to believe that
it might be suitable for my purposes.  But if GDK only lets you "see"
things that the application created or has registered, and can't
operate in a mode where it works with the entire windowing system as a
whole, that could be problematic for me.  I am going to wager a guess
that the restriction on things like selections also applies to asking
for the children of the root window, when asking GDK, and other things
like that.

	--- Mike

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