Re: gtk treeview with first row fixed in place


2009/2/26 DEXTER <mydexterid gmail com>:
> Recently I wrote a mail to gtk-app-devel-list, because I have to write
> a code which uses a treeview widget. This widget should have a fixed
> first row (right below the column headers) which is not affected by
> scrolling and this row would be used for filtering the treeview
> (attached a picture showing what I want to achieve).

I have received and read your earlier mails on the matter, but have
not been able to reply yet.

> I think it would be really good if the treeview widget itself could
> provide this kind of filtering functionality.

Personally I think that having such filtering functionality is a bit
too specific to have in a generic widget such as GtkTreeView.  I do
agree that it would be good to have much more flexible headers.

> The patch itself does nothing special, It just places the header
> button inside a vbox, so the user could use the get_widget method
> (that is what I'm using for inserting comboboxentrys), and ask for
> that parent till it reaches the vbox and can insert anything inside
> that vbox.

I am unsure if what you are trying to do can be done compatibly (ie.
in a way that  does not break existing applications).

Related bugs to this problem are both 382293 and 338271.  There are
basically two ideas for solving this:
 - Either make it possible to insert anything between the headers and
the tree view content.
 - Create an interface (say GtkTreeViewHeaderIface) that any object
that wants to represent the tree view column headers can implement.
GtkTreeView would be able to take any object implementing that
interface as the header for the tree view.  These headers can of
course be packed everywhere you would like.



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