WebKit on webkit.gtk.org


I'm one of the WebKitGtk fellows and one thing we are missing currently
is a place on the web, where you can find releases, docs and whatnot.

So we had the idea, "webkit.gtk.org" would be a good domain.

We would also like to use a similar design and layout, of course with
different colours and content. It's not yet clear what web space we
would be using, if that is possible a bit of space for tarballs would
be useful (release tarballs for WebKitGtk are not that heavy, in case
somebody is worried and has the size of all of WebKit in mind).

So the question is, would the Gtk maintainers like the idea of using
the 'webkit.gtk.org' subdomain for WebKit?

And if the above is an option, whether there's space to spare and
whether we could or shouldn't use a similar design.


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