Re: Compiling the girepository.h header with C++

On Tuesday 10 February 2009 20:33:35 Johan Dahlin wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> 2009/2/10 Richard Dale <rdale foton es>:
> > When I built a mixed C/C++ program, I had a couple of problems with the
> > argument names used in functions in the girepository.h header. There were
> > args called 'namespace' and 'type-info' and I changed them to
> > 'gnamespace' and 'gtype-info' respectively. Please find a patch attached.
> Thanks for the patch, but usually the right place for this is:
> -> Product: glib, Component: introspection
OK thanks, I'll use that if I have any more issues.

> Perhaps just ns or nsname instead of gnamespace?
Yes that sounds fine to me - or 'name_space' even?

The 'type_info' name was used in the seed code that I was copying, and not in
the g-i headers. But in general it seems to be a good idea to avoid using C++
reserved words in C programs to me.

-- Richard

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