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Hi all,

I have been working on developing an in-house ERPish application. I am using GTK as the front end, and with much scope creep, two years later, we are about to go production. We started on the Linux desktops but they lost out to the IMAC (all back end is still Linux).

while researching whether Metacity themes work on OS X (perhaps I'm doing this part a bit late),  In came across this link: http://markmail.org/message/wq35kgkjds37g5mv#query:gtk%20os%20x%20John%20Ralls+page:1+mid:iticcxa5wo4ce4nh+state:results

Without the work that jraills has inherited (please let me know how I can help) I would be lost. I have mostly relied on what the OS X project has done to make this thing run.

I am building the entire framework using jhbuild    d

I am able to create a fully self sustained bundle, drag and drop.

But I must reflect jraills concern, if there is no work being done on the back-end, and at some point, my applications interface is going to be problematic... well yikes... I can't have that.

There is not much longer before we put this thing on the desktop and it starts generating orders, PO's etc.... it is already the main inventory application.

I have never done anything like this but I see all the FIXME in the gdkwindow-quartz.c , a functionality I was hoping to use that does not exists.

I guess my question is, where did the rest of that mail chain go?
Who is going to fix these?
If the answer is no one, how do we get involved? Just fix it and submit patches?

concerned GTK OS X user.

Join me

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