Re: patches to make gtk head build on win32 with MSVC

> I spent a day on building gtk head on win32 by utilizing OAH
> ( and came up with these small patches.

Thanks. I went through them and they looked fine. I wonder if the
patch to io-gdip-utils.c could fix the problem with the GDI+ -based
pixbuf loaders ( )?

The 0004-include-gdk-gdkinternals.h.patch isn't necessary. There is a
declaration of struct _GdkWindowObject also in gdkwindow.h (in
addition to the one in gdkinternals.h) which is the one that should be
seen when compiling gtkmain.c. Presumably you don't get that in your
compilation because you incorrectly have GDK_COMPILATION defined also
when compiling the gtk DLL?

The 0005-export-_gdk_drawable_impl_win32_get_type-for-gtkplug.patch
should not be necessary either. Do you have INSIDE_GDK_WIN32 defined
while compiling gtk? It is supposed to be defined only when compiling
the code in gdk/win32.

I will apply the other patches, commit and push.


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