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Also, with csw, we could move to a "assumed background is already
painted" policy for elements, this should improve the third party
usage of element drawing where they have to do dirty hacks to avoid
corners being painted for rounded elements (like firefox entries and
buttons). But again, this doesn't really stop anything 3.0

Sealing all GtkStyle and other theming related object members will
definitively help to prepare a backwards compatible solution, a lot.

>> There's the issue of CSS though. Would it be acceptable to deprecate
>> gtkrc's in the middle of the 3.0 cycle in favor of CSS theming files?
>> This is an area where I'm pretty much blind, prolly Robert Staudinger
>> has a better picture than me here, Robert?
> Can current gtkrc's and CSS theming files co-exist?

I'm not sure who would be able to answer this question, but I guess
that at some point they should coexist in some sort of fallback way
(if !css =3D> gtkrc), actually the presence of the css would be a good
way to figure out which engine should be loaded first.

Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz

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