Announcing ccss 0.5

gtk-devel-list specific note:

Since there is interest in CSS support for future versions of Gtk+ I
will be announcing major CCSS releases here if that is ok with the
involved parties. Minor releases will only be announced through
gnome-themes-list and .

The 0.5 release offers an implementation of selected Dublin Theming
Hackfest issues, namely a CSS driven "style context" and pluggable
appearance modules (e.g. for native win32 widget rendering).

The CCSS library version 0.5 is available for download.

About CCSS

CCSS offers a C API to parse CSS stylesheets from files or buffers and offers
and interface to cascade styles for custom document representations such as
a libxml DOM or a Gtk+ widget tree.

The CCSS-Cairo integration library offers an API to draw CSS styles
onto cairo surfaces.

CCSS-Gtk+ integration library provides convenience functions for
interacting with Gtk+, such as a best-effort css-to-gtkrc conversion.

New and noteworthy

* Use "ccss" name consistently, drop "lib" prefix where possible (e.g.
pkg-config files).

* Deep-free properties when destroying a stylesheet, fixes memory leak.
* New ccss_style_hash() value can be used to compare styles for equality.
* Ability to load CSS files and dump the resulting CSS in
  "ccss-stylesheet-to-gtkrc" for debugging multi-file stylesheets.
* New ccss_stylesheet_unload() to unload CSS files or buffers.

* Support for loadable modules to hook in custom CSS3 "appearance" renderers.
* Draw background with alpha channel.
* Consolidate drawing functions (no more "outline", "line"), use
double precision

* Improvements to gtk[rc] compatibility.



* Robert Staudinger
* Thomas Thurman

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