Questions about dfb_events_dispatch in DGK DirectFB backend

I currently try to understand the directfb GDK backend code for event

Can anybody tell me why the dfb_events_io_func is used to call
dfb_events_dispatch ?

In the win32 backend and the old linux-fb backend there is the dispatch
function registered as follws:

static GSourceFuncs xxx_events_funcs = {


_gdk_events_init (void)
  GSource *source;

  source = g_source_new (&xxx_events_funcs, sizeof (GSource));
  g_source_attach (source, NULL);


Why using the detour with g_io_channel_unix_new(...) ?

BTW, is the dfb_events_io_func correctly attached with
g_source_set_callback(..) in _gdk_events_init(..) ?
Should we use g_io_add_watch(...) instead ?

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