Re: Thoughts on GTK+ and CSS

On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 12:39 AM, Christian Dywan<christian lanedo com> wrote:


> I wonder what the API might look like.
> gtk_container_get_child_position (GtkContainer* container,
>                                  GtkWidget*    child,
>                                  gint*         row,
>                                  gint*         column);
> gtk_container_get_child_at (container, child, row, column);
> Can we assume that any container either lines up its children in one
> row or in 2 dimensions?
> Do we need or want to take into account the concept of primary and
> secondary children in boxes in the context?

If we emulated an html table DOM we might get away with a single
dimension. In html the cells are children of the row element, so e.g.
"td:first-child" applies to each first cell in a row.

That would also facilitate the position as container child property I
mentioned earlier.

- Rob

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