Re: GZip{In,Out}putStream in GIO?

Bastien Nocera wrote:
I could think of at least 5 types of compressions that would be useful
to have without having to use a command-line tool to decompress:
- gzip for anything and everything that can come from a web server (in
my case, iTunes Music Store playlist parsing, or more widely, GOffice
file formats)
- zip for documents and Comic Books (evince)
- 7zip/LZMA/Xz formats for Comic Books
- Rar for the same as above

Aren't there two classes of file types there ? Compression vs Archiving

I mean, zip, 7z, and rar are archiving format who store files in a compressed fashion (kind of like a tar of gzipped files) so rather than just having a "stream" you need to have some support for archives there, and not just the compression part like gzip or bzip2...

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