Re: gtk_widget_get_allocation

On 04/17/2009 09:02 PM, Cody Russell wrote:
This is rather old, but it never came up again after this so I'd like to
see what thoughts are about how to implement this in C.  It was in 2.13
but removed before 2.14 because of disagreement, but I can't find any
public record of the disagreement in gtk-devel-list.  Can anyone comment
on what was not liked, or how a better implementation could be made?

It should be noted that this one was a major showstopper for me to build AbiWord with GSEAL enabled. And the more we wait to have this implement, the more it will be a problem. Currently some "basic" accessor (gtk_widget_get_window() for example) are only in Gtk 2.14. This is already a big issue to write code that work with GSEAL and still work with earlier version of Gtk. Gtk 2.14 is still not that common even more on "Enterprise" distributions.

I know there are some hack that can be done (been there, done that), but still. And today everything that touch "flags" or "allocation" is a no go.


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