Re: GLib substr function

2009/4/10 b0unc3 <daniele maio gmail com>:
> Hi all,
> there is any implementation of a substr function in GLib ?
> I mean :
> string = "hello world"
> g_*substr*(string,2,6)
> output = llo w

Another way,

substring (GString *str, int index, int len)
  return g_string_new_len (str->str, index, MIN (str->len - index, len));

taken from .

I personally would like that glib provide those small but useful
string functions (like other high level languages do), for example,
glib doesn't provide a simple function to replace strings, like this
one written by Tim in ,

gchar *
g_strreplace (const gchar *string,
              const gchar *search,
              const gchar *replacement)

Instead you currently have to use gregex to replace some simple
strings (where no regex are involved).

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