Apparent deficiency in GtkBuilder signal connections and grouped widgets

I am writing to the devel list after first posting to the regular list
about using GtkBuilder and grouped widgets like a group of radio
buttons.  The only post that really spoke to my problem mentioned that
there really isn't a way with GtkBuilder to deal nicely with groups of
widgets like radio buttons in a group way.  There's no easy way to have
one callback for an event for the whole group of radio buttons.

I can easy do this by connecting callbacks manually and supplying a
"user-data" parameter to specify an arbitrary id to differentiate the
radio buttons.  If I use the user-data field with GtkBuilder it tries to
use that to look up a widget in the tree, which isn't what is wanted.

This seems like an obvious deficiency in GtkBuilder.  As GtkBuilder is
being pushed as a central component of Gtk, I ask if this deficiency
will be addressed in some manner in the API, or if it already is, how
should programmers developing in GTK connect the events from grouped
widgets in a sane way?

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