Re: client side windows branch now in gnome git

Alexander Larsson wrote:
> The client side windows code is now availible in the
> client-side-windows
> branch of gtk+ on, rebased on the latest version of gtk+.
> I've updated the code pointers on 
> and the status listed
> there is pretty much up to date.
> We now have a somewhat working OSX backend (don't know the exact status
> of it) and some initial work on getting the win32 backend to build.
> I think whats needed now, apart from the TODOs listed on the wiki is:
> * Get the win32 and OSX backends up to the X11 backend standard
> * test the branch in daily use, so we can find all the bugs
> * Write some docs on how this is supposed to work so that people can
> start reviewing the code
> So, go play with it. It should be much easier to do now, with it being
> it the official repository, based on the official git tree.

Are there any plans for a XCB port of GTK+ for 3.0? As I understand xlib
is in deep maintenance mode while apps and toolkits are ported.


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