Re: Moving GLib and GTK+ to git

On 04/03/2009 03:04 AM, Edward Hervey wrote:
   FWIW, In GStreamer git repositories we use that same rule for the
one-liner with a subtle variation:
   * We do allow capital letters (seriously, who cares? It looks nice)
   * Considering you want to have as much info as possible in that
one-liner, we try to prefix it with a word giving a clue as to where the
work was done (without looking at the modified files). Doesn't apply if
it's a change accross the whole module.
   Ex :
    "rtspsrc: allow http:// on the proxy setting", or
    "Mark unused arguments using G_GNUC_UNUSED glib macro."

Right. In cairo and pango we do the same, with a slightly different syntax. For example:

    [win32] Fix horizontal glyph positioning bug
    [test] Memfault checks
    [surface] Propagate region allocation failure
    [traps] Propagate allocation failure
    [region] Use const cairo_rectangle_int_t consistently
    [scaled-font] Global glyph cache

I find that quite useful.



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