Re: API's removed between 2.13.5 and 2.14.1

Am Wed, 24 Sep 2008 22:43:32 +0100
schrieb Matt Keenan <Matt Keenan Sun COM>:

> Can anyone shed some light on why the following API's were removed
> from Gtk between 2.13.5 and 2.24.1 :
>      * gtk_font_selection_get_face_entry
>      * gtk_font_selection_get_family_entry
>        Both of these were removed in 2.13.7
>      * gtk_widget_get_allocation
>        Removed in 2.14.1

The prototype of this function was not agreed upon among the core
developers. So the decision was deferred to the next Gtk version.
It had to be removed before final API freeze, otherwise it could not
have been changed anymore.

>      * gtk_window_get_default
>        Removed in 2.13.6

That was a misnomer, there's gtk_window_get_default_widget now. Think
of gdk_screen_get_default, gdk_display_get_default,
gdk_keymap_get_default, gtk_settings_get_default, etc. etc.
After adding the function during the sealing it was reconsidered.

> I can't find any reference in the ChangeLogs WRT why they were
> removed. Would this be considered an break in API compatibility ?

For one, all of those were introduced and removed within development
versions, which are not supposed to maintain API compatibility until a
major, stable version is released - and 'stable' actually does mean
API is frozen in all even 2.x.0 versions.

I stated above what I remember off head, I'm pretty sure bugzilla will
tell you more if you ask it kindly for the according bugs.


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