Patch biohazard report, Sep 11th

Hey GTK+ people,

Biohazard report is back, now with help from Christian Dywan :)

One liners for documentation:

- Bug 452949 – Mark GError messages as translatable
  + Easy patch, mark some strings as translatable

- Bug 536542 – gtk_list_store_set() documentation doesn't say whether
values are copied
  + Two line documentation fix

Low hanging fruit for the hungry committers:

- Bug 543710 – Dead keys do not work anymore with DirectFB
  + Simple patch that removes a legacy case:, review needed.

- Bug 423201 – gtk_combo_box_entry_active_changed does not transform values
  + Fixes a possible crasher, patch is straightforward - Patch applies perfectly

- Bug 382646 – Text inside the combobox is drawn with text[XXX]
  + Needs a judgement call, patch is said to work as expected - Patch
applies partly

- Bug 521366 – Fixes for sparse warnings in gtk
  + Simple fix to shut some warnings

Interesting proposals:

- Bug 149248 – gtk_combo_box_set_active_text()
  + Allow for setting the active item from a string - Patch applies fine

- Bug 409380 – add gtk_label_new_markup() and
gtk_label_set_label_printf() proposal
  + Easy patch, label pure convenience API, do we want it or not?

- Bug 58952 – gtk_paned_set_proportion
  + Medium patch - Patch applies partly

Go ahead, reject and accept patches, have fun.


PD: You can see the wiki page if you want to check past
issues, help or just check some bugs.

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