fail to build gtk+ (2.14.4) with DirectFB backend

Hi all,

         I’m trying to build gtk+2.14.4 with directfb as backend, configure with parameter “—with-gdktarget=directfb –with-x=no”. When making, there are so much errors like :

.libs/gdkwindow.o:/home/rayman/src/gtk+-2.14.4/gdk/gdkwindow.c:3784: first defined here

directfb/.libs/libgdk-directfb.a(gdkgeometry-directfb.o): In function `IA__gdk_window_scroll':

/home/rayman/src/gtk+-2.14.4/gdk/directfb/gdkgeometry-directfb.c:75: multiple definition of `IA__gdk_window_scroll'

         I checked gdkgeometry-directfb.c and gdkgeometry-directfb.c, gdk_window_scroll() exists in both files.

         For X11 backend, this will not happen.

         It seems that gtk+ changes backend mechanism, but directfb implementation in gdk/directfb is not modified. Is that right? Or did I make any configure mistake?





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