Re: Theme patriation

Jacob Kroon wrote:
IMO decorating a window belongs in the WM, not all X applications use
GTK as rendering toolkit...

And all GTK users do not use metacity. But if we always stick to that kind of arguments, we can never go forward. I'd just say "let's keep practical and backward compatible".

Having the window decorations as a common canvas has some advantages. Having seen the vista thing lately, I saw they do fun things like adding a menu directly to the title bar, nice tab integration (chrome). They also have evil things like being totally inconsistent from one app to another.

Thinking from a linux-centric viewpoint, it would make it possible for us to implement that sort of things:

As Iain noticed it has a few drawbacks for windows responsiveness (or lack thereof) and memory footprint.

Now, maybe the route is halfway. I do not know if it is possible, but we could have a zone that is shared by both of the processes, so we get the best of both worlds.

Anyway, I think the interaction between the WM and the app is sort of limited nowadays...

As a side element, Gnome has always desired a document-centric approach, while some people wanted to go more the app-way with multiple tabs, etc. Considering this, what about going halfway too and having something that resembles the chrome interface? It looks like another use case for such an integration between the app and the WM, since it is quite borderline to know which responsability it is to handle tabs in that case (considering alt-tab, etc).

Just a thought,

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