Announcing gtk-null-engine 0.2

The gtk-null-engine, version 0.2 is available:

    8ccb2462575f1d4987ef216adadd88a5  gtk-null-engine-0.1.tar.gz

About gtk-null-engine

The gtk-null-engine is primarily a gtk theme engine template. It can
be used as a starting point when attempting to write a gtk theme
engine from scratch.

An addition worth mentioning is the `gne-inspector` executable now
accompanying the library. It captures the drawing log output of the
theme engine and can thus be used to quickly get an abridgement how
widgets are drawn and which drawing functions are used.

Example command-lines:

    ./gne-inspector GtkButton
    ./gne-inspector GtkComboBoxEntry

After a successful build the program can be found in the `inspector`

The source code repository is available at

New in version 0.2

* Drawing function logging, see above.

* Resolve special size values: values of -1 for width and/or height
mean the full respective extent of the drawable should be covered.

For an exhaustive list of changes please refer to the ChangeLog.

- Robert Staudinger

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