ANNOUNCE: libccss 0.1 available

The CCSS Library, version 0.1 is available:

    5f2caafa4096a55bd40a49cbb03d0fac  libccss-0.1.0.tar.gz

About Libccss

Libccss offers a simple API to

    * Parse CSS stylesheets.
    * Query for style configurations on a user-provided document
    * Draw query results onto cairo surfaces [1].

This is the initial release after being split off the gtk-css-engine
into a standalone project. Please refer to the documentation and
example code shipped with the tarball for information how to use this

Libccss is in early stages of development and has thus only undergone
limited testing. The purpose of this release is to raise awareness and
garner feedback regarding API and internals.

Project infrastructure like mailing list and bugzilla are being worked
on. Please use the `gnome-themes' mailing list until the services are available.

Development can be tracked via the git repository at .


In alphabetical order:

### Robert Bragg

* Feedback regarding API.

### Robert Staudinger

* Maintainer, all changes not credited otherwise.

### Thomas Wood

* Patch:  ccss/ccss-style.c (convert_color): leading '#' for color to
          string conversion.
* Patch:  Re-arrange ccss-node.h to fix gtk-doc not following forward
* Patch:  doc/ fix input path.
* Report: ccss_stylesheet_query_apply() misses to include wildcard
* Feedback and discussion regarding API and internals.

### Yaakov Selkowitz

* Patch: libccss/ccss/ actually link dependent libraries.


- Robert Staudinger

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