Moving useful stuff into the core toolkit (Was Re: Removing libgnome* from nautilus)

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On Wed, 2008-10-01 at 14:22 +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> I just branched nautilus because I want to work on a small project I
> have. I want to remove all uses of libgnome, libgnomeui and all the
> related libs from nautilus. These are not really important to nautilus
> anymore, and are a large dependency that we mainly don't need.
> Hopefully this shouldn't be to much work. I'll start today with
> commiting a removal of the last use of bonobo (we currently use it for
> "unique application" functionallity).

Cool. As a kinda related question what are your thoughts on moving some
of the more useful GIO-related UI classes (NautilusOpenWithDialog for
example) into GTK+? I can see stuff like that being useful in Evolution,
Firefox, Epiphany etc.

(There's of course the chicken+egg problem that GTK+ maintainers might
say they want real users before committing to adding such API. Anyway,
my personal view is that we should try getting more useful stuff into
the toolkit. If you build they will come etc. etc. YMMV.)


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