GObject-Introspection 0.6.1

I'm proud to announce yet another release of GObject-Introspection.

Tarballs can be found at:

What's new in this release?

* Struct get/set support
* Support for application typelibs
* Interface prerequisites
* Scanner/compiler optimizations, should be quite a bit faster.
* Many bugs fixed:
    - Bug 552371 - implement struct field get/set
    - Bug 552568 - All the argv parameters in Gtk.gir map char*** to int8
    - Bug 557468 - Support for GI_TYPELIB_PATH
    - Bug 557788 - Return types for constructors in generated typelib bogus
    - Bug 557898 - Fails to build on OSX 10.4
    - Bug 558436 - avoid having scanner load app code
    - Bug 558848 - girparser.py: shared-library should be optional
    - Bug 558849 - girepository: extend X stubbing
    - Bug 559601 - Pointers in structs/unions unduly treated as arrays
    - Bug 559703 - Virtual functions miss throws attribute in .gir
    - Bug 559706 - Interface prerequisites missing
    - Bug 559736 - Show the right filename in error messages
    - Bug 559737 - Deal with continuations in macros
    - Bug 560241 - Out-arguments should not be marked as being pointers ...
    - Bug 560248 - "disguised structures"
    - Bug 560250 - [PATCH] Fully parse included modules
    - Bug 560251 - [PATCH] Split g_ir_ffi_get_ffi_type() out from ginvoke.c
    - Bug 560252 - Compute field offsets before writing typelib
    - Bug 560253 - [PATCH] Add struture and boxed types to Everything tes...
    - Bug 560308 - g-ir-compiler goes in infinite loop on Gdk-2.0.gir
    - Bug 560326 - Fails to build Gtk-2.0.typelib with "Unexpected non-p...
    - Bug 560346 - Fix and install pkgconfig file
    - Bug 560404 - Prefix types when resolving aliases in included modules
    - Bug 560419 - Cache includes when parsing
    - Bug 560474 - g-ir-compiler crashes when compiling the glib gir
    - Bug 560708 - Don't treat arrays that have a length specified as ze...
    - Bug 560825 - Add size and alignment to typelib
    - Bug 561087 - Respect is_pointer in serialize_type()
    - Bug 561135 - hashtable element-type annotations broken
    - Bug 561137 - support multiple repos for GBaseInfo
    - Bug 561296 - Add "storage type" to the typelib data for enums
    - Bug 561568 - Add Gio Unix bits to the Gio.gir if available
    - Bug 561570 - Add TestObj with static methods
    - Bug 561617 - Return value array annotations
    - Bug 562022 - gobject-introspection needs python headers
    - Bug 562030 - gir repository fails to build DBus-1.0.typelib without...
    - Bug 562031 - gir repository fails to libxml2 typelib without libxml...

The goal of the project is to describe the APIs and collect them in
a uniform, machine readable format. The initial target is language bindings,
which are heavy users of this kind of data.

Interesting parts of this release includes:

* GIR - An XML format used to describe APIs
* Typelib - a way to serialize GIR to disk
* libgirepository - C API to access typelib

GIR format is fairly stable, but expect small parts to change.
The typelib format is not complete and will be extended upon in future releases.

There are Perl, Python and Java bindings publicly available using
GObject-Introspection. The gir-repository provides GIRs for common
GObject based libraries (such as pango,gtk,gstreamer,clutter,webkit) until
the libraries themselves ship them.

I'd like to specially thank the following people, who made this release
possible: Matthias Clasen for the initial prototype and general design,
Jürg Biletter for writing a header scanner, Colin Walters for helping out
everywhere and making sure the release got done. Richard Hult & Tor
Lillqvist for testing and making sure it works on MacOS X & Win32.

See http://live.gnome.org/GObjectIntrospection and the README included
in the tarball for more information.

Thanks to all contributors to this release:
  Étienne Bersac, Johan Bilien, Jürg Billeter, Johan Dahlin,
  Tommi Komulainen, Tom Parker, Lucas Rocha, Andreas Rottmann
  Colin Walters, Dan Winship, Owen Taylor

GObject-Introspection requires flex, bison, python (2.5 or higher) and
glib. ffi 3.0.1 or higher can optionally be used.

Reports bugs to
Contract us at: gtk-devel-list gnome org or #introspection at irc.gnome.org
Homepage: http://live.gnome.org/GObjectIntrospection

Johan Dahlin

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