Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2008-11-11

= minutes for the 2008-11-11 meeting =

1. Orientation and default packing options
* new classes created after the GtkOrientable interface addition
  can have new defaults for object and child properties
* old classes retain their default values
* before remove the abstract flag on the new classes, new defaults
  should be evaluated

ACTION: assemble a list of object+child properties on newly-instantiatable
        classes for new defaults (timj, mclasen)
ACTION: deprecate widget-specific orientation API (mitch)

2. Release schedule
* one, maybe two new stable releases before GNOME 2.24.2
* wait until the Orientable API settles for an unstable release

ACTION: do a stable release before GNOME 2.24.2 (Nov 24th) (mclasen, leio)

3. Miscellaneous
* GtkObject status for 2.90?
+ will stay as base class (::destroy signal, gtk+ specific changes)
+ possibly use it as base class for every class in gtk+ (after discussion in bugzilla)
* GtkEntry icons support (formerly SexyIconEntry)
+ separate class for now, needs to be merged into GtkEntry
+ DnD and tooltips support added by mclasen
+ issues left: spinbutton integration, filechooser entry and completion
+ patch needs review
* Tap and hold status
+ blocks on signal name, animation and themeing

irc log available at: http://live.gnome.org/GTK+/Meetings
next meeting: 2008-11-25, 20:00 UTC

Emmanuele Bassi,
W: http://www.emmanuelebassi.net
B: http://log.emmanuelebassi.net

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