Re: crash on GTK quartz

Richard Hult wrote:
> Jonatan Liljedahl wrote:
>> I've built GTK on macports with +quartz +no_x11 +universal,
>> my application builds fine but then crashes after a while with:
> Hi,
> Please file a bug in bugzilla
> (, for the quartz
> component. If you have a test program that exposes the problem, please
> attach it, and I'll take a look.

I've tried but can't reproduce it with a test program, but it happens
with my app AlgoScore:
The GUI part is written in a scripting language with a GTK binding, so
the problem might very well be in there. But running it under valgrind
on my linux box doesn't say anything about wild pointers or such...

What does "Unlocking Focus on wrong view" actually mean? Which kind of
focus is it referring to?

/Jonatan         [ ]

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