Re: Scene graph (aka canvas) proposal

I saw a few comments (very few), that generally seemed to favor Havoc's
proposal, but didn't see anything definitive mentioned in the hackfest

Just wondering what the status is...



> Have posted some notes over the last couple years discussing a canvas
> widget, based on working on HippoCanvas, and looking over GooCanvas.
> Recently I've also been hacking on Clutter, and prototyping a
> specialized compositing manager based on Clutter.
> I think there's a practical, attainable, and useful path forward for
> GTK+ that would give us a mainstream solution for the core problems
> these canvas APIs are addressing, and rationalize the relationship
> between them and GTK+.
> Before the hackfest I thought I'd write up how I think this could be
> done. It has implications for GDK, Cairo, etc. in addition to GTK+.
> I did the writeup in slide form, these are text-heavy and intended to
> be read not presented:
> (note: you do not have to create a Google account to read these. Click
> "open in new window" and it will just show the document to you.)
> I'll also attach the presentation document exported as a text doc, but
> it is not formatted well.
> It looks like I can't be at the hackfest though I made a last-minute
> effort to figure out how to be there. I am hoping some of the relevant
> people will talk about this scene graph idea, though.
> Appreciate any feedback or discussion on the list as well. If there's
> some good discussion at the hackfest hopefully someone will take some
> notes to post.

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