New GTK+ Blog

Hi all,

For those of you that haven't seen it already, we have set up a new blog
for the GTK+ project. Thanks to jdub, it is now seen on:

I currently administrate the blog, so I can add anyone that wants to be
able to blog about the project (like cool new GTK+ features, etc).
Currently, just Andreas and I are set up. I know that Bedhad wants to be
added, anyone else interested?

This all started after it was requested from some feedback of the new site. I will try to update the pages with the RSS
details at some point. We plan include releases in the blog too.

To be added, all I need is your email address. For
example, mine is:

  mr gnome org

I am adding people as the role "Contributor". I am not sure if this is
correct (can anyone comment on this?), other roles include "Editor",
"Subscriber" and "Author".

The blog address is:


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