Re: What does your personal GTK+ development system consist of?

Simos Xenitellis wrote:
BJörn Lindqvist wrote:
On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 9:01 PM, Simos Xenitellis
<simos lists googlemail com> wrote:
 1. jhbuild build gtk+        (just 16 packages)
 2. jhbuild shell           to get a shell with env variables properly set.
 3. now run your test program that is based on gtk+; will use fresh
 gtk+ library, the rest of the libraries come from the system
 4. hack gtk+, then type "make install" to refresh your build with the
 new changes (takes <15s on modern systems)
 5. go to step 3.
Only FIFTEEN SECONDS?? That is amazingly quick. I thought I had a
reasonably fast computer, but just the install step after make is
successful takes 53 seconds. Most of that time is spent by libtool
relinking libraries and it seems (to me) improbable that it can be
done in less than 15 seconds.
It depends what files you are working on. If you make changes on header files, then a whole lot of stuff will get recompiled (due to the dependencies), amounting to several minutes.

Here 'time make install' *after* make install says this:

real    1m56.868s
user    0m29.270s
sys     0m17.049s

And 'touch ../../gtk+/gtk/gtktextview.c && time make'
produces this:

real    1m17.363s
user    0m30.982s
sys     0m15.749s

Somehow libtool relinks every library on 'make install',
and relinks every library which depends on libgtk
on 'make' if libgtk was rebuilt.

In my specific case however, just a single .c file had to be recompiled in every go, and linked with the rest of the object files to make libgtk+.

Are you sure you were talking about toplevel gtk directory,
not about 'make' inside gtk+/gtk? Because that says:

touch ../../../gtk+/gtk/gtktextview.c && time make
real    0m23.437s
user    0m10.881s
sys     0m3.368s

Disabling tests would make things faster, but only
inside gtk+/gtk, if you go up then you get modules
(many) relinked anyway.


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